Although we must recycle our packaging every day of the year, it is May 17 when World Recycling Day is celebrated, and for this reason we want to do an exercise of reflection on the need to take extreme care in this civic task that is always necessary, but especially in moments like those we live in.

For Novapet, as a PET producing company that we are, recycling is a fundamental pillar of our strategy, our production structure, and our operations, and on it we base our commitment to promoting a truly circular economic model.

PET has been at our side for a long time providing us very useful services. But this almost miraculous product is constantly changing to offer its enormous advantages to wider areas of our lives. That is why, at Novapet, we decline the word PET in plural, due to our R & D & i activity has successfully put on the market a wide range of products specially formulated to adapt their benefits to the requirements of very different sectors. All of these PET products undergo rigorous functionality and feasibility testing from the perspective of the circular economy.  So:

  • We formulate PET resins in a way they preserve their benefits intact once recycled.
  • We work intensively with the selective collection and packaging washing industry to verify in practice the viability of this recycling for each new product that we launch on the market.
  • We commit ourselves publicly and in an auditable manner in the defense of this circular economy, fulfilling the objectives referred  in the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

  • We collect and recycle all the PET material consumed in our work centers.

Contenedor PET pasillo instalaciones HT

  • We maintain an educational program in PET recycling in primary and secondary schools around us.

Formación CEIP la Merced noviembre 2019

  • We promote the creation of selective PET collection streams in sports events, social centers and municipalities in our region.

UTGS 2019 avituallamiento Radiquero

  • We produce  PET recycled packaging, reaching a planned total consumption of this material of 6,000 tons in 2020.
  • We collaborate technically and commercially with different promoters of PET chemical recycling technologies.
  • And we are involved in an ambitious investment plan that can take us in a very short time to a total resin production capacity with post-consumer recycled material of around 120,000 tons per year.

Mezcladora PET rPET

We are working in all these fields that constitute an ambitious coordinated program of efforts to achieve full circularity of the material. But we need more effort, more commitments, more efforts: yours. Those of each and every one of us as individuals and as citizens.

Recycling is a great global advantage that favors us all, anywhere in the world. It is in our hands to think that small actions favor the development of the circular economy whose main objective is to maintain a series of resources in the production chain, which, in many cases, may one day be limited if not properly managed. Let’s change the mindset: the used PET is not a waste, but a very valuable resource.

By promoting recycling, we make possible PET continues having many lives. Let it stays with us for much longer. Recycle it.

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