SAMCA energía has opted for sustainability in Barbastro in its most ambitious project of 2023 in terms of renewable energy: the Self-consumption Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant. This project began in the past year 2021 and it is now when we show you the scale of the work with this spectacular video from its beginnings to its start-up in 2022.

SAMCA_Fotovoltaica Barbastro 06_lowres

The Barbastro Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant in data:

It has 28,681 split-cell Mono-Si photovoltaic modules, occupying a total area of ​​73,735 m².

These modules have a power, 50% of 540 Wp and the other 50% of 545 Wp.

The plant is capable of providing a peak power of 15.5 MWp.

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