Novapet Resins and Concentrates

The productive capacity and technologies that Novapet® has developed has led it at present to a position of leadership in the Iberian Peninsula, being the principal producer of PET resins, with a very wide portfolio of products, offering more than 25 different resin items and a wide variety of specialities.

This is rare among the PET producers, which usually offer the market two or three unique items.

Our productive capacities are the result of an excellent quality control to which all our polymerization processes are subjected and that let us offer the following portfolio of PET resins and concentrates.

CR Resin

The PET resin Novapet® CR is a very balanced multi-purpose product for quite varied applications: mineral water, carbonated drinks, edible oils, but especially indicated in the frontier marks, those “new ” sectors in which the presence of PET is more recent, such as cosmetics, toiletries or pharmacy, and in those that must evidence from the beginning all the advantages that as a material it has compared to other plastics.

Soft Resins

The PET resins referred to as Soft are characterized by presenting a wider process window, both in injection and in blowing, than the grades of PET commodity.

This opportunity to use softer process conditions leads to improvements in the quality of the product, energy savings in the transformation, etc.

Special resins for injection blowing

The productive flexibility of the Novapet® industrial plant allows offering the market specific PET resins for certain markets and applications.

Within the injection-blowing processes, these resins have already been validated by final packagers, as well as by converters and by the suppliers of ISBM technology.

Special resins for extrusion

The CPET resin is a grade of PET especially designed by Novapet® for the manufacturing of trays crystallized by thermoformed sheets.

This grade of PET, as long as the incorporated masterbatches do not compromise it, constitutes a functional, sustainable alternative that is 100% recyclable in the rPET stream compared to other plastic materials, aluminium trays, etc., contributing in this way to the objectives of sustainability and circularity.

Special SPRIT resins for direct injection

The SPRIT family of Novapet’s PET resins is large and offers diverse functionalities to cover, in this way, an endless number of direct injection applications of articles in very diverse sectors: medical, food, automobile, cosmetics, household items, etc.

These SPRIT resins constitute a functional, sustainable and 100% recyclable alternative in the rPET stream compared to other plastic, glass, melamine, ceramic, metal materials,… contributing in this way to the objectives of sustainability and circularity.

REX resins for extrusion blowing

Novapet® has developed a large family of PET resins with high resistance to melting in order to be used in different applications, which include extrusion-blowing of hollow containers, even with an integrated handle, as well as the direct extrusion of monofilaments, pipes, profiles, bars or plaques.

Within the packaging, they are mainly used in cosmetics and toiletries, also in food. Therefore, the more technical applications are very diverse.

These resins, mostly identified as Rex, constitute a functional, sustainable and 100% recyclable alternative in the rPET stream compared to other plastic materials (PC, PETG, POM, …), contributing in this way to the objectives of sustainability and circularity.

Amorphous resins

PET resins produced in the melting phase of polymerization, without crystallization or subsequent post-condensation.

PET resins and concentrates for protection from light

Alternative solutions of solid PET-based concentrates for the coloured single-layer PET packaging and bottling of long-life UHT dairy products which require specific properties to protect from the light.

Concentrate with lubrication/release agent

Novapet® MTB-4117 is a solid functional PET-based concentrate that when incorporated in the moulding process by injection along with the SPRIT resins allows widening its process window.

Crystallized white concentrate for household items.

Novapet® PDA-91 W is a solid, functional, PET-based concentrate in an off-white colour, which, when incorporated to the moulding process by injection along with a Sprit resin, allows manufacturing articles with high thermal resistance, even ovenable.

Homopolymers of high tenacity for spinning

PET homopolymer resins intended to be processed by technical spinning leading to polyester yarn offering enhanced tenacity..

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