The PET Packaging Technical Center of Novapet®brings together all the technical-commercial skills with the aim of managing the new projects with our clients in any market while planning and implementing pilot resources. Technical innovations that provide an added value to the brands and products of our clients.

Novapet® has a complete service that encompasses the entire cycle, from the formulation and production of PET resins up to the final product, being able at every moment to adapt its production, regarding quantity and diversity, to the specific and particular needs of each client.

In a changing market, we adapt to the specific needs of our clients that may require at the same time and in a different measure the supply of resins, of preforms or of bottles, since the volumes of each container, their technical characteristics and the seasonality of their production or consumption may require from Novapet®different degrees of involvement in the conversion activities of the material.

Our intention is to offer each packaging company a complete solution to their PET needs, from the raw material to the last operations of their conversion. But Novapet’s® work does not focus only on its production and supply flexibility to the different needs of the clients.

Patent development

Bottle design

Preform design

Integral project management


New concentrates and resins

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