Novapet® is a company that produces PET focussed on innovation, quality and sustainability, which was founded at the end of the 1990’s from the business vision of the SAMCA Group, in a market, that of PET, that was emerging at that time in Spain.

With offices in Zaragoza and Barbastro, Novapet® has two productive plants: Barbastro and Fuenlabrada. It has more than 350 employees and a wide presence, both in the national and international areas, providing service in a stable manner to more than 200 clients in 30 countries and on 4 continents.





Novapet® is the primary producer of PET resins in the Iberian Peninsula. Our strategy is aimed at innovation in products and at the integration of services to the packager.

The formulation and production of different PET resins, with different applications, and their conversion into preforms, or even into finished containers, constitute for us integrated activities to preserve for our clients all the value of our technical innovations.

Novapet innovation

Offering innovation in PET for containers is our company mission. At Novapet® we integrate the entire PET chain of value, from the chemistry of the material, to the materialization of our innovative activity in a specific container that fulfils the industrial, technical and cultural needs of each client.



Resins and concentrates




Novapet Divisions

Novapet has four business divisions for the correct design, development and production of resins, concentrates, preforms and containers of PET and of rPET.

Novapet resins and concentrates

Under the Novapet® resins and concentrates umbrella will continue marketing the resins and concentrates of virgin PET, of the commodity resins as well as the wide range of special resins for sectors increasingly more different from the traditional ones (containers produced by direct injection, or by PET blown extrusion, engineered pieces, etc.), that will allow continued growth of this fully recyclable material in new applications.   

Noven Preforms

All the PET preforms will be marketed by the company under the new brand NOVEN Preforms, as well as the technical, logistical and financial services associated with them. Already in January 2021, the commercial documents referring to these products and services will use this name.

Noven Farmaplás

NOVEN Farmaplás centralizes all the activities of the current Farmaplás and it is Novapet®’s principal tool for its growth in the market of finished plastic containers. An ambitious investment plan will ensure and sustain this growth in the upcoming years, converting the company in a leader for the market.


REnovaPET materializes the planned and approved investments in the sector of recycled PET, and had begun its commercial activities in 2022.

Our commitment to sustainability

Novapet®’s principal commitment revolves around the reduction of the carbon footprint in all its productive activities.


Novapet, an integral service for the client

Integration: a 360º service

At Novapet®, we design and produce resins from PET and concentrates, we conceive and inject PET preforms and blow containers, whether in our installations or in those of our clients, offering the market an integral and coherent proposal from polymerization to the container.

An ally of the packager

We adapt to the specific needs of our clients and their market, whether with respect to container volumes, technical characteristics, seasonality of its production or consumption.

Customized creations

En Novapet ® we understand the design of a resin, preform or container through intervening in their creation process, of the needs and requirements that our clients transmit to us and we devote ourselves to our final products through special projects that we develop in the Technical Centre of PET Containers.

PET and 4 elements

The latest news

Novapet at Fakuma 2023

Novapet at Fakuma 2023

Last October, the renowned FAKUMA 2023 fair took place.
One of the sensations of the fair was the stand of the injection machinery manufacturer BMB Spa, who together with the packaging manufacturer ITC Packaging carried out demonstrations of the production of ultra-thin-walled industrial containers by direct injection for food use in PET and can incorporate up to 30% rPET, all with maximum transparency. possibility of IML in 2.6-second cycles.

Self-consumption Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant

Self-consumption Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant

SAMCA energy has opted for sustainability in Barbastro in its most ambitious project of 2023 in terms of renewable energy: the Self-consumption Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant. This project began in the past year 2021 and it is now when we show you the scale of the work with this spectacular video from its beginnings to its start-up in 2022.