Last October, the renowned FAKUMA 2023 fair took place.
One of the sensations of the fair was the stand of the injection machinery manufacturer BMB Spa, who together with the packaging manufacturer ITC Packaging carried out demonstrations of the production of ultra-thin-walled industrial containers by direct injection for food use in PET and can incorporate up to 30% rPET, all with maximum transparency. possibility of IML in 2.6-second cycles.

Fakuma 2023-Logo CARTEL

A new technology that produces thin-walled flexible PET containers in a one-step injection molding process, thanks to the special PET resin, NOVAPET SPRIT B21.

In this way, they join the global commitment to the new technology for the production of ultra-thin-walled containers for food use in PET, being able to incorporate up to 30% rPET, with maximum transparency, the possibility of IML in cycles of 2.6 seconds.


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