Novapet® Packaging

Novapet® bases its strategy on innovation and integration of products and services to the packager throughout the entire PET value chain. We formulate and produce resins, we inject preforms and we even perform the blowing of the final container in order to supply all the demands that any client may have regarding this material..

At  Novapet® the PET bottle-blowing activity has been exercised since the 1980s, making available to our clients all the advantages of this fantastic material, at that time new in Spain.

With the growth of demand, preforms and resins were progressively displacing the production of containers with the aim of optimizing logistical costs and transport.

Due to the growing segmentation and competitiveness of the demand in all the sectors, at Novapet® we produce personalized blown containers, of great quality and in quite variable quantities, with the aim of covering the needs of our clients and potential clients, offering high personalization in the design, production and supply of finished containers..

Novapet® intention is the integration of the entire PET value chain in order to achieve a final container of the best quality. For this, we maintain and carry out these days an important blowing activity in three different ways.

These three forms of offering final products to the market have required important investments that represent our commitment to the PET container market overall and to each of our clients in particular.

We also have different in-house blowing plants operated by Novapet® in the installations of different packagers..

NOVEN Farmaplás production plant,
Fuenlabrada (Madrid)

Novapet® subsidiary in the Madrid province, NOVEN Farmaplás, dedicated to the production of containers of small volume destined to food, alcoholic drinks, pharmaceutical, toiletries and cleaning and personal hygiene markets.

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