TheIII ANEABE Conference, Closing the Loop, which we echoed last week where our colleage Víctor Monge participated Víctor Monge, some scientific dissemination were awarded, and we wanted to highlight the one which was given to Deborah García Bello.

Premios periodismo medioambiental III Jornada ANEABE Cerrando el círculo

Deborah is Chemist and science communicator and was given the recibió el ANEABE Environmental Journalism Award  for her article: “In defense of plastics: why they are essential for sustainable development ”.

Deborah García Bello_premios periodismo medioambiental

Deborah actively participates in many dissemination projects around the circular economy of plastics and today we want to present #SomosFuturo, a web series made up of 32 video-stages starring great popularizers of science in Spain to inspire young people, boost their talent and awaken their passion for scientific knowledge , in which she has participated.

Specifically in No. 20, he explains what the circular economy is , a concept that goes far beyond simple recycling and is based on the potential of some waste to, through mechanical and chemical processes, become again in new high-value products, such as the “Containers with infinite lives” made of PET. As she herself explains, all the materials harbor the possibility of living other lives.

We leave you this interesting chapter of the #SomosFuturo serie in which Deborah explains phenomenally what the Circular Economy consists of.

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