From December 2 to 13, the Climate Summit is taking place in Madrid, attended by half a hundred world leaders, delegations from 196 countries, the highest representatives of the European Union and various international institutions.

Its main objective is to promote a platform for dialogue, awareness and participation in the fight against climate change, the just transition and the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Within the Sustainable Development Goals, we are directly related to our productive activity, to all those that directly affect sustainability, responsible consumption, industry and its innovation, and the maintenance of natural environments and terrestrial ecosystems. Undoubtedly, issues of special relevance to Novapet due to its industrial nature, as a PET producer it is.

Within the battery of projects in which we are working, and that favor the fulfillment of a good part of these objectives, one of them is of special relevance for us: the production of recycled PET.

For this, the recovery of PET packaging, through selective collection, is key.

With this spot that we present today and that we have done in collaboration with the Somontano Region of Barbastro: “The sustainable journey of a packaging”, we will try to sensitize the Somontano population in that, the collection of packaging is crucial for a optimal subsequent use of them, as they can become valuable productive resources.

El viaje sostenible de una botella captura 5

You can discover during the duration of the spot, that at all times reference is made to the trip that a PET bottle makes since it is acquired, consumed and deposited in the corresponding container, until, once clean and separated, it can be introduced again in the production cycle and thus serves to produce new packaging with the same benefits as the initial one.

A very representative and close example of the circular economy that Novapet has been developing for many years at its production plants in Barbastro.

If PET packaging speak, we are sure they would say: Recycle me, I have many lives!

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