Novapet, and its client Indesla, (Alicante), join the initiative of Tecmolde a company based in Loporzano (Huesca)  that is developing these days protective face screens that are being made available to health centers, social assistance centers and other centers that may need them, including hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, supermarkets, etc. Tecmolde performs this work altruistically from Loporzano, (Huesca), and under the auspices of relevant associations in the province of Huesca such as Concahusa, Huesca Excelente and Huesca Suena.

Manipulación bobina de PET Novapet Tecmolde

Novapet‘s participation consists of the donation of 6 PET reels of 90 kilos each, which will serve to produce several tens of thousands of protective screens. This is a first installment that will be followed by others, if necessary. The reels have been made with PET from Novapet’s own production plants in the Polígono Valle del Cinca in Barbastro and have been transformed by Indesla in an equally altruistic way and despite the high workload they have at the special moment all companies dedicated to the plastics sector. The reels offer a thickness of 200 microns, similar to a PET bottle, and they are optimal to be cut and incorporated into the manufacturing protective masks process in a quick and easy way. 

PET, due to its transparency, lightness and resistance, once again, demonstrates its value in one of the sectors, healthcare, which needs the most help at this moment.

Tecmolde has produced in recent weeks more than 150,000 screens that has distributed in more than 40 hospitals distributed in Spain and, due to the growing demand in recent days, it will be able to continue supplying to the market for much longer thanks to our PET, a product of high quality and resistance that will protect our sanitary sector, and all those who care for us during this delicate moment.

Pantallas protección Tecmolde Novapet

We wanted, from here, thank the initiative, the commitment and the disinterested work of all the collaborating entities, with which we share a common objective, to take care of ours and to be able among all, palliate as far as possible, the current coronavirus crisis.

Here it goes our special recognition to all the health personnel who today risk their lives for us.

Pantallas protección Tecmolde Concahusa Novapet

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