Yesterday, March 29, the Council of Ministers approved Royal Decree Law 10/2020, which establishes serious restrictions on all kinds of economic activities in our country. We are all receiving extensive information through the media, and we know that this new regulation tries to minimize the presence of workers in their respective jobs with the intention of avoiding as far as possible the transmission and spread of the coronavirus.

We also know that, in order to ensure basic supplies to the population, the Royal Decree itself establishes exceptions and requires the continuity the normal activity of certain industries and services in sectors that are considered “essential”.

The manufacture of plastic packaging for food, pharmacy, hygiene or cleaning is one of those sectors. The norm also foresees the full productive continuity of the industries that assure the supplies of materials and services to the “essential” companies. As far as we are concerned, although since the Royal Decree Law of March 14 by which the state of alarm was declared in the country, we already understood that our productive continuity was necessary, there is no longer any doubt about this essential nature, since this has been explicitly stated by law. And this is valid both for our activity as PET resins and preforms producer in Basbastro and for our subsidiary Farmaplás, packaging producer in Fuenlabrada.

Plantas inyección Novapet packaging Barbastro

Sala Blanca Farmaplás envases finales PET

Since the beginning of the current crisis, at Novapet and Farmaplás we have taken all the necessary organizational and security measures to achieve a double objective: 

1. Preserve the health of our workers and all the staff in both work centers.

2. Give continuity to our productions while maintaining full operational capacity.

For this, there were made as many adaptations as the circumstances required in our Business Continuity Plans.

Today, the new standard finds us prepared and working. Today, thanks fundamentally to the responsibility and commitment of our workers, we can say that the factories in Barbastro and Fuenlabrada are operating with full normality, taking extreme precautions, but doing everything possible so that nothing essential is missing in any Spanish home. It is up to us, as sanitarians, carriers, postmen or security forces do, continue the fight up and do our best to help overcome the pandemic, and to restore normality as soon as possible.

To all our people, thank you!

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