We continue analyzing the content of our new corporate video, stopping this time on quality. In Novapet, the customer has not only a product supplier, we say it with the conviction and satisfaction of doing a highly differentiated work within our sector.

In Novapet we formulate and produce PET resins and concentrates, at the same time we design and inject PET preforms and blow bottles, both in our facilities, or in those of our clients. In this way, we integrate the entire value chain of PET packaging into a single technical and commercial interface, offering integrated and customized products and services for each client.

Novapet granza PET calidad

Novapet preformas PET agua calidad

Novapet garrafas aceite PET calidad

If we had to choose a word within what PET offers and at the same time Novapet, thinking around the term of quality, it would be integration. Our integration with the client.

This integration gives security into the commercial decision-making process in a bilateral way, establishes the confidence of both new and regular customers and facilitates activities throughout the PET value chain.

Plantas productivas Novapet Barbastro Polígono Industrial Valle del Cinca

By stopping to analyze the infinite uses of PET in the market, we can say that, thanks to its resistance, its efficiency, and its 100% recyclability, it is the ideal material for the production of all types of packaging and engineering parts, offering and complying with the highest standards of food, health and industrial safety: FSSC 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 90001, AESAN, etc.

We insist that our lives would not be much the same without this material that Novapet produces, contributing to the market service, integration, personalization, decision, hygiene, regularization, management, adaptation, efficiency, performance, security, differentiation and … many more.

Here, you have again, our corporate video.

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