If, under normal conditions, we are already regular PET consumers, in the current circumstances, when we have plannned, and even timed, our outings from home to collect basic necessities, we see how we are consuming a greater quantity of this material from the habitual. We space the visit to the store or the supermarket, or to the pharmacy even more, and for that reason, we buy more water, more juices and drinks, more fruit, more food of all kinds that are packed in PET, and soap, much more soap, and detergents, softeners, mouthwashes … PET is much more present than normal in our homes, because we also do not eat or consume anything outside.

Nevras en supermercado con botellas de PET

With all these circumstances we are calm, because PET packaging are hygienic, safe, light, practical, manageable, unbreakable and most importantly, they allow food to be stored for much longer than a “fresh” product. Today more than ever we realize the many advantages they offer us.

Ensaladas en bandejas de PET

But leaving the house only exceptionally also means space our visits to the recycling container much more time than usual, and therefore the need to store in our homes a greater quantity of packaging after being used. Therefore, we must optimize the domestic recycling process, and in the next few days we will give you some practical tips for this. 

Meanwhile, we continue recommending a responsible consumption and a positive attitude to afford this situation that affects to all of us, both individuals and companies.

Botellas de PET supermercado mujer

As you already know, we have adopted strict measures to preserve the health of our employees, and to give continuity to our productions, providing to our society with a fundamental service, and allow the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and also all type of hygiene products, continuity to supply all the markets needs during these difficult times.

At Novapet, we are proud of our people, who contribute to make this special period more bearable.

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