Last week, key figures in the dairy industry from around the world, technological companies, producers and consultants, met in Lisbon at its 13th Global Dairy Congress. During two days, we could enjoy listening and sharing with a wide range of speakers, the latest developments in the dairy industry, their different points of view and ideas on the different types of packaging, the evolution of the dairy packaging industry, and a large number of very interesting presentations that, more and more, give a greater representation to the PET packaging.

Cartel anunciador Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

It was, without a doubt, the ideal scenario to connect with companies and outstanding personalities within this industry, many of which were honored during the gala dinner offered at the fantastic Myriad by Sana hotel with the World Food Innovation Awards for FoodBev Dairy Products.

Myriad by Sana_Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

As general conclusions, we can summarize that, the tendencies of dairy consumption globally, have remained stable, and certain is that the trend continues, but production begins to increase, little by little in Europe, and additionally, in a very outstanding way in the Asia-Pacific area; This region has the highest consumption of milk, about 158,678 million liters against Europe, in second position with 42,109 million liters in 2018, according to the consultant Anne Wong-Erven, Advisor for Zenith Global Ltd.

On the other hand, Naima Boutroy, expert in PET packaging for dairy products at Sidel, in her speech, highlighted PET as the most proper material and which presents mayor advantages for the UHT milk packaging.

Her speech, so similar to Novapet’s, stressed the importance of the change from packaging to PET bottle in the market and highlighting the values of this material in relation to the innovation behind each packaging, its unique composition, its functionality, the so important cost savings during its production, its recyclability, etc.

As it could not be otherwise, the packaging’s sustainability had its place of importance in the congress. In Stephen Mancey’s turn, from Logoplaste, this concern and the dificulties that other solutions present for dairy products, such as glass, TetraPack and HDPE packaging, were discussed into detail, referring to their capacity of being recycled bottle to bottle and their use in food grade aplications, opposite to PET bottles.

The conclusions are clear, and as we know from Novapet, PET today is the most recycled plastic on the planet and is used 100% for food contact applications.

Two very important characteristics to take into account looking at the new coming regulations that are imposed in each geographical area of the planet.

Novapet, who was, among others, an official sponsor of the event, had its space inside the spectacular Hotel Myriad by Sana, taking advantage of this, for making known its CDU concentrated that confers light barrier in PET bottles, the best option for the packaging of UHT milk and other dairy products that require of long-lasting packaging.

We wanted to remind you all that the same product, under the name of “Lactra SX” is produced and comercialized by Colormatrix, under Novapet’s licence.

We bring you below, a few photos of the Global Dairy congress, where our team Andrés Falceto and Aurelio Morejudo from the Technical Packaging Center of Novapet and María Sánchez representative of Colormatrix, were working during the almost two days of the congress, explaining the numerous advantages of our Novapet DCU.

Thanks Zenith Global for the fantastic organization.

Conference room Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Novapet stand Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Novapet team Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Exposition room Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Novapet and Colormatrix team Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Speakers Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Debate Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Novapet and Colomatrix delegates Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Gala dinner Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

World awards Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Novapet Stand details QR Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Novapet Stand details  Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

Novapet Stand details Global Dairy Congress Lisbon 2019

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