At Novapet we are always trying to devise and develop new projects that bring us closer to one of our main objectives: to show and demonstrate PET sustainability. A few months ago, the idea of ​​facing new challenges for this purpose, outside our comfort zone, was taking shape, and soon we came to a conviction: how could Novapet better promote the main PET virtues than in a action in which sport and sustainability converge? From the first moment we had it clear, a sporting event that combined in our territory, the Somontano region, those values ​​and that highlighted the usefulness that PET brings to sports life, and, at the same time, the value of this material once is used has itself. And, what many still see as a waste, is for us, the most valuable resource.

The Ultra Trail Guara Somontano HG is an event of mountain races that in this 2019 celebrated its XI edition, of course, it is well known by people who live in the Somontano, but also outside it, both nationally and internationally; This test seemed to us to be the proper environment to launch this project that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in Novapet.

Arco de meta UTGS

Why a selective PET collection? Within the sector, companies that produce PET know the real and urgent need for a greater availability of recycled PET (r-PET, as it is called in the sector). Year after year European regulations urge producers to include in their bottles produced, until a few years ago produced only with virgin PET, a percentage every year, of r-PET. And this is not possible if its offer is not increased in the market. Selective PET collection is key, and for this reason it is vital to explain to consumers that PET is not a waste anymore, it is not a plastic, it is a very valuable resource that we should not waste, since it allows BTB recycling (bottle to bottle) in any of its applications, so it is 100% recyclable.

This event, which brought together almost 5000 people, including runners, companions, volunteers, media and other visitors during the 4, 5 and 6 of October, allowed us to perform, as an initial test of selective PET collection, a real experiment on the PET consumption in a high level sports event. There were a total of 30 locations between control and refreshment points at the Sierra de Guara, to which our team of volunteers moved to ensure that this selective PET collection, and to ensure that it was done correctly. An enriching experience for all of us, from which we get a great learning, and many ideas for future editions.

4 octubre estands entrega dorsales UTGS

Soon we will give you information about the PET collected and more specific information of the race and our intervention, but for now, we do not want to finish this post without thanking the the Ultra Trail Guara Somontano HG organization, specifically its directors Pau Jordán and Santi Santamaría for his kindness, availability and good work, before, during and after the event.

Surely many more interesting projects will come out of this union, which we will tell you little by little and, surely this is only the beginning of a lot of small actions, that will take shape and will be arriving to more and more places in our region, an area that, above all, we want to take care of and make it a sustainable and exemplary territory in the Spanish geography.

Finally, we leave you some of the photos of our stay on this XI of the Ultra Trail Guara Somontano HG, we really hope you will enjoy them.


Distribution of the race bibs, 4th October.Entrega dorsales UTGSNovapet en la entrega de dorsales UTGS


Novapet’s stand. Estand Novapet UTGSEstand Novapet recicla el PETEstand Novapet UTGS Descubre las infinitas vidas del PETEstand Novapet UTGS trípticoEstand Novapet UTGS formación reciclajeEstand Novapet UTGS formación reciclajeEstand Novapet UTGS formación reciclajeEstand Novapet UTGS formación reciclaje

With no doubts, kids were our most valuable public during the event.Estand Novapet UTGS niños depositando PET


Outing of the Ultra Trail, Saturday 5 October.Salida Ultra TrailSalida Ultra Trail


Refuelling point, Alquezar’s main square.Novapet Avituallamiento plaza Mayor AlquezarNovapet Avituallamiento plaza Mayor Alquezar


Refuelling point Viña.Novapet Avituallamiento ViñaNovapet Avituallamiento Viña


Refuelling point las Bellostas.

Novapet Avituallamiento Las BellostasNovapet Avituallamiento Las Bellostas


Refuelling point Mesón de Sevil.Novapet Avituallamiento Mesón de SevilNovapet Avituallamiento Mesón de SevilNovapet Avituallamiento Mesón de SevilNovapet Avituallamiento Mesón de Sevil


Refuelling point Radiquero.

Novapet Avituallamiento Radiquero

Novapet Avituallamiento Radiquero

Novapet Avituallamiento Radiquero

Novapet Avituallamiento Radiquero

Novapet Avituallamiento RadiqueroNovapet Avituallamiento Radiquero


Other points to collect PET at Alquezar.Novapet Contenedor PET Hotel Villa de AlquézarNovapet arco de meta Contenedor  en Mesón del Vero


Finish line, Long trail male podium.Novapet arco meta Podio Long trail


Agustín Luján at the finish line, pole position at the Ultra Trail.

Arco meta Agustín Luján ganador Ultra TrailEquipo Novapet con Agustín Luján ganador de la Ultra Trail contenedor PET


Refuelling point at the finish line, Alquézar.Avituallamiento meta contenedor Novapet


Awards ceremony, Sunday 6th October.

Entrega premios UTGS Novapet


PET volume collected during the whole event. Still pending to be cleaned and procesed to conclude figures.

Big bags y contenedores de PET tras la UTGS 

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