During 2018 and 2019 is celebrated the Ordesa and Monte Perdido Natural Park’s centenary. An emblematic place, with a very important community around, both in the national and also international territory.

Logo Ordesa Centenario 1918-2018 Novapet

The Park celebrates one hundred years, one hundred years preserving, but also promoting the social, economic and cultural development of the municipalities linked to it.

A celebration that highlights the much-needed work of farmers and ranchers, to conserve the cultural and landscape biodiversity of this natural environment that we are fortunate enough to enjoy a few hours from our homes.

The sustainability of the Natural Parks in our country is something that we all must defend, without a doubt. Parks should be seen as opportunities to promote a more sustainable development models, being exportable to other territories.

Maintain the sustainability of the Parks and move on this direction, it should be a must by the collaboration of the different administrations and the participation of the citizens, and depends, directly, on the socioeconomic characteristics of the municipalities in which these spaces are located . In economically less prosperous areas, they will undoubtedly be an engine that will generate wealth, and will favor social and economic development, as well as promote a better conservation of the natural and cultural heritage.

Novapet has made clear its commitment to sustainability and the protection of the natural environment with its support to this event since last October of 2018, recognized as an Event of Exceptional Public Interest (AEIP) for 2018 and 2019.

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