Talk to Fortún Leza is talk to the lively voice of experience within the PET sector. With more than thirty years as a professional in Novapet, he has developed different responsibilities within the organization. He currently holds the position of technical director at the CTE PET, from where all activities that are clearly differentiated from regular PET production processes are managed.

Fortún Leza Director Técnico CTE PET Novapet

The CTE PET, (PET Packaging Technical Center), is a particular space at Novapet’s heart, where he and his team develop and design the different formulations, manage R&D&I projects, develop and manage different technical-commercial projects, carry out the different designs of preforms and packaging, also, is the place where patents are elaborated and intellectual and industrial property is controlled, among many other things.

Fortún states that: “in Novapet we asure chemistry at the service of packaging, developing different formulas for different needs. Our misión is create new markets for PET. ”

He boast about his team, explaining that what makes the CTE team special is its ability to group and connect all the disciplines necessary to provide a complete service to the PET sector in a unique way. A team that undoubtedly, makes sense of Novapet’s DNA.

Equipo CTE PET Novapet

If we look back on innovation in the PET sector, Novapet has a lot to tell, especially in the Dairy products sector.

In the interview that we bring you below, you will discover one of the key products: Novapet DCU (Dairy Ultra Concentrate). The evolution of the market itself, made it look for a solution based on PET for UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature) or long-life milk and Novapet knew how to do it in the right way and time. Today, doubtlessly, Novapet DCU is a benchmark in the dairy market, not only national but also international.

In the coming weeks we will explain you more about this concentrate, which, in addition, is as recyclable as any other standard PET category.

Bodegón productos Novapet DCU

Finally, if you want to know his personal opinion about whether a world without PET would be possible, we invite you to watch his interview until the end; Fortún is clear about it, and you? 😉

We hope you enjoy it!

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