The team of people who belongs to an organization is, without doubt, the most valuable resource that exists, because it provides a treasure of experiences made of dedication, work, efforts, perseverance, learning, mistakes, and knowledge. This is especially true in the business world, and we are completely sure that, one of the Novapet’s main competitive advantages is and will be its human team.

When we think about industry, the first image that comes to ours minds is probably machinery, production material, with its large facilities and its complex layout. And it is true that the industrial sector needs all this, a great productive force, and a productive and efficient technology. But, for us, industry is fundamentally experience, ideas, knowledge, culture, vision. All in all, people. Of course it is necessary that the machines work at full capacity, but the machines are only a part of the organization and industrial deployment, and at the end is a team who give meaning to that.

People who makes this productive plant runs every day, but also in its technical department, in the laboratory, in the comercial and administrative teams, in the controlling area, in the human resources department, in IT support and development …

All of them are part of an experts’ network who give their best every day. Always. And that is the key to Novapet’s success.

For ten years now, to manage all these teams, David González, who had been working with Novapet since 1998, under the possition of Sales and Marketing Director, has tuned into the charge of Business Director. 

Novapet Meet the expert David GonzalezToday we will learn a little more through a very special project that is expected to connect with all the people who, in one way or another, internal or external, work with Novapet.

Meet the expert is a project that brings people closer to people. 

Enjoy the interview we will bring you today: David González, Novapet Business Director.

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