Over a year has passed since the Aragonese SAMCA group acquired, through its subsidiary Novapet, a new company belonging to the packaging sector, Farmaplás,  reinforcing its market position as a plastic packaging transformer.

Farmaplás is located at the industrial estate “Los Gallegos”, in Fuenlabrada and, with this strategic acquisition, Novapet completes and reinforces its PET value chain, from resins and preforms produced in its industrial plant in Barbastro, to the packaging design and blowing customized for each client.

Farmaplás works in different sectors such as food, spirits, cosmetics, detergency and pharmacy, providing the knowledge treasured in more than thirty years working and researching to adapt its productive reality to the market needs.

With Farmaplás we have strengthened our will and capabilities to provide total service to our customers when undertaking PET packaging projects, offering, in a single technical and commercial dialogue, the possibility of supplying finished resins, preforms or bottles, as well as a constant technical assistance throughout the entire transformation chain of this material.

After this first year, in which business development has been developed strongly, the commercial strategy has been defined, and the bases for new marketing actions are being established, we can announce that, in order to be reinforced, both companies Farmaplás and Noavpet, we have opted to renew the corporate image of Farmaplás, changing its logo firstly.

Today we wanted to present it to you and, as you will see, we have opted for a very similar lines to the Novapet logo, in order to underline the full integration and alignment of Farmaplás in the strategy of its parent company.

In the same way, we wanted to make a simpler and clearer logo-mark, where the lines are more and better defined, mainly to highlight the graphic part of the text.

From today, you can see the result also on the Farmaplás website, which will gradually, evolve and improve in terms of content in the coming months.

Do yu like it? We hope so 🙂


Logo Farmaplás color_nuevo_2020


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