Novapet. Samca
Novapet, a company of the SAMCA Group
A business model aimed at innovation, sustainability and quality
Novapet. SamcaNovapet. SamcaNovapet. SamcaNovapet. Samca

NOVAPET is a company that belongs to a known holding located in Aragon: the SAMCA Group.

Since 1967 it has become a solid business group, with annual billing close to 850 million euros, and a position of leadership in innovation in all the sectors in which it is present. Overall, it groups more than 50 companies and directly employs around 3,500 persons in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

It is present in the sectors of mining, renewable energy, synthetic fibres, agri-food, real estate development, agrochemistry, logistics infrastructures and plastic polymers, destined for the automobile, electronic, household appliance, technical textile and packaging markets, with Novapet being one of the leading companies in this last market.

The SAMCA Group has its installations distributed throughout Spain, in addition to France, Italy and Portugal.

A company of the SAMCA Group

NOVAPET is part of the SAMCA Group, sharing its commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality. Discover more about our company: www.samca.com