VI Edition Chips&Grapes


The sixth edition of Novapet’s business gathering Chips & Grapes took place on 2nd and 3rd October in Barbastro. It brought together more than a hundred participants between clients, collaborating companies, and speakers of a marked international character to develop a very relevant theme for the global economy: connectivity.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Customers receptionAs you well know, the name CHIPS & GRAPES faithfully represents the insertion of Novapet, the principal producer of resins and of PET containers, in the Iberian Peninsula, in the territory of the Somontano in which it is located, and its communion with the enterprising spirit of this land, symbolized by its most known product: wine. Innovation, quality and respect for the land are the values for which the products of the D.O. Somontano are appreciated, and they are also the ones that guide and inspire Novapet’s business.

In this sixth edition, the sessions were held with the hospitality of two of the most representative wineries of the Somontano Designation of Origin, the Laus and Enate wineries.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery main building

Regarding the established program, we began the afternoon of 2nd October with the welcome presented to the group by David González, managing director of Novapet, at the entrance to the Laus winery, a magnificent area at the very foot of the Somontano, where the starting signal was given for the sessions.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Welcome point Laus winery

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Customers' reception Somontano

We visited the winery facilities, in which a succinct description was made of the wine production process and the different rooms were visited through which its elaboration takes place. Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Inside Laus winery

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Reception customers Laus wineryNext, and as the central part of the program of the first afternoon, the company Caviar Pirinea organised a memorable tasting of its most exquisite products, and revealed to the participants the secrets of a product as emblematic as it is little known: caviar, coming from different species of sturgeons bred in Aragonese waters, and with the different maturing times, which the participants could taste served directly on the skin of their hands, in order to better appreciate its organoleptic properties.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Presentation tasting pairing Laus winery

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Caviar Pyrinea Perse

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery tasting pairing reception customers

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery caviar Pyrinea Per-sé Gold

After the caviar came a paired tasting of different tapas prepared with products of Pirinea and accompanied by the varied and fine wines of the host winery.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery wine tasting

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery interior reception

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery Caviar tasting

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - tapa caviar

Following the tasting, and as the closure of the first afternoon’s program, came the dinner, prepared with special care by the restaurant of the Laus bodega.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery details dinner table

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Laus winery dinner roon

Thereby having concluded the “Grapes” part on the evening of the 2nd, we began the morning of 3rd October with the “Chips” part, dedicated to the work around the PET market.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Enate winery main entrance

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Detail cover programThree speakers travelled to the Somontano to speak to the group on three facets in which Novapet is making definite investments:

  1. Physical connectivity, referring to the large global commercial routes, and in particular to the maritime routes and intermodality.
  2. Inter-company connectivity and the simplification of the supply chain.
  3. Intra-company connectivity and its importance in the operative and quality control.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Enate winery conferences room

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Enate winery conferences room speakers

  • Santiago García-Milá, Assistant General Manager of the port of Barcelona and Chairman of the World Port Association, spoke to us of the efficient logistic chains in the new geostrategy of international trade.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Speaker Santiago García-Milá

  • The second speaker was Pier Francesco Fefé, manager of the sales department and manager of the Iberian area in the company Electtric80. His presentation dealt with the Digital Factories 4.0.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Speaker Pier Francesco Fefé

  • The last presentation, after the coffee break, was made by Eddy Fery, managing director of the Rigid Container department of southern Europe in the company Husky, who gave the finishing touch to the workshops, explaining in detail the 4.0 industry and security in the quality of the processes.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Speaker Eddy Fery

After the corresponding rounds of questions and leaving the winery behind, we went to the beautiful villa of Alquézar where we could relax, enjoy the views and the outdoor meal they had prepared for us in the Mesón del Vero.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - reception at Mesón del Vero Alquézar

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Lunch time at Mesón del Vero AlquezárWithout a doubt, an incredible day with good weather that accompanied up as we went up to the subsequent visit to the Colegiata, where the participants could enjoy its church, museum and cloister, guided by the town’s parish priest, José María Cabrero, who was presented us with a couple of jotas (traditional Spanish song and dance) that left all those present open-mouthed with amazement.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - On the way to la Colegiata - Alquezár

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - On the way to la Colegiata - Vero Canyon - AlquezárNovapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Cloisters Colegiata - AlquézarThe active participation of all those attending, sharing these two very intense days with us, has made, once more, the CHIPS&GRAPES encounter be reinforced as a leader in the PET sector and as an unmissable event every even-numbered autumn.

We are sure the presence and collaboration of all the attendees will generate a new, stronger union that looks towards the future.

Without a doubt, we are already more connected, more united.

Novapet Chips & Grapes 2018 - Final picture group