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MTE Jose Antonio Ramos Novapet Packaging

Our last interviewee of the Meet the Expert project this year 2019, is José Antonio Ramos, a fundamental pillar in the company since 1996 when the SAMCA group acquired the company, and he is currently the Packaging Division Director since 2014.

El viaje sostenible de una botella

From December 2 to 13, the Climate Summit is taking place in Madrid, attended by half a hundred world leaders, delegations from 196 countries, the highest representatives of the European Union and various international institutions.

Somontano Social revisión y limpieza jaulas Novapet

Today we show you a close interview with Somontano Social, a special employment center essential in the rural and social areas of the Somontano Region.

1. For how long have they been working in Somontano region? and with Novapet?