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TED Talk Plastics Rehab - Kim Ragaert

Today we bring you an extraordinary talk that we discovered on the TED Talks platform of Professor Kim Ragaert, from Ghent University, where she exposes us with clear arguments, consolidated figures and an excellent touch of humor, the reality of plastics in front of many other materials that, a priori, are considered better by majority of population.

N16_Fase 1 recogida selectiva de PET plantas productivas Novapet

In Novapet we trully believe that PET production industry sustainability goes through concrete actions in which we can all contribute step by step. And it is, in this aspect, where phase 1 of a very special project for us, will be developed during this year 2020.

Meet the expert, Anselmo Rami

Anselmo Rami is part of the Novapet team since 1996 and until 2015, he has worked as a financial, cost control and operations manager, and, after that period, he went on to occupy his current position as Director of the Supply Chain and Planning.